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There is no substitute for experience.
Claudia Kretschman began her triathlon career in 1987, competing in a small town race on a steel-framed bike and a borrowed helmet.  She placed 3rd in her age group and never looked back.  During the following decade Claudia competed in dozens of races, from sprint distance all the way to full Ironmans, and with some marathons and road races and time trials sprinkled in as well.  

Claudia has been a top 15 Pro finisher twice at the World Championship Ironman in Kona, Hawaii, and a Triathlon All-American several times.  She represented Team USA at the Long Course World Championship in 2011.

Completing 23 Ironman races in her career, including qualifying for the Hawaii Ironman 13 times, Claudia's racing career is far from over.  After suffering a horrific bike crash just weeks before she was meant to compete in Hawaii for that 13th time in 2014, Claudia is staging a major comeback!  The crash left her with a shattered vertebra and major fusion surgery but miraculously, no paralysis.  For Claudia's full Ironman race history, click here.