Kretschman Multisport, LLC
  Triathlon and Sports Nutrition Coaching 

Train Hard, Train Smart, Fuel Right, Recover Strong. Then we hit it again!

My goal is to develop each of my athletes to hit their optimal performace on race day.  That takes more than just miles on the pavement and laps in the pool.  My approach starts with a commitment between myself and my athlete to a proven program based on quality training, specific strength building, integrated nutrition planning and importantly--carefully timed recovery.  Kretschman Multisport provides comprehensive, one-on-one triathlon coaching for all levels of fitness, with focus on customized coaching for individual needs and goals, from novice to experienced multisport athletes, cyclists and runners.  Training sessions with Claudia are designed for each athlete's needs based on health, fitness and skill level assessments, including body composition, aerobic capacity and experience.
There are no short cuts.
  1. Athlete Development
    Athlete Development
    Races are won and lost in the mind of the athlete. I believe that when properly trained, optimally fueled and mentally focused, anything is possible. Without all three of these elements firing together on race day, the race is no longer yours to win or lose--it's in the hands of chance and your competition.
  2.  Nutrition Planning
    Nutrition Planning
    Nutrition planning is positively the most overlooked variable in the sport of triathlon, and the most devastating to the outcome of a race when not properly adhered to. Our bodies are capable of anything, but only if we properly fuel it throughout training and all the way through race day and beyond.
  3. Endurance/Triathlon Coaching
    Endurance/Triathlon Coaching
    Whether you have a specific goal of completing a single race, or wish to take your triathlon career to the next level, Kretschman Multisport can tailor a program to ensure you reach your goal. Each athlete receives personalized training plans using technology that allows for analysis, fine-tuning and pointed feedback along the way.